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About The Library


The Pelham Historical Society is pleased to present the contents of the HAYES-GENOTER HISTORY AND GENEALOGY ON-LINE LIBRARY to its members via the internet.

This non profit library contains a great variety of materials pertaining to the history and families of Pelham collected over a lifetime by Pelham Historian William T. Hayes and reproduced in digital format and placed on a website designed and created by Karen Genoter, Director of Computer Services for the Pelham Historical Society.

While this library is still in its infancy, it has already received an award for being the largest most comprehensive single town on line history and genealogy library in the State of New Hampshire. Based on the library's current paper holdings, the on line digital library will increase five fold over the next five years.
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As time and funding permit, the following materials will be added to this history and genealogy library. Click here for:  Future Additions

Many of Pelham’s early record’s have been destroyed, misplaced or stolen.

Fortunately most of those records were microfilmed before those events occurred.

The Hayes-Genoter History and Genealogy Library has located most of these one of a kind rolls of micro-film and is in the expensive process of converting these records from micro-film format to digital format. As each roll of film is converted, it will be added to the library’s holdings.

If you have written materials such as old news paper articles, postcards, deeds, letters or other such materials which you feel may be of value to the library, please contact the library by clicking here. The library is particularly interested in collecting family genealogies.  The library will scan your  materials and return the originals to you or you may submit the material in digital format, if you have that capability.

Our museum is also interested in obtaining collectibles for temporary or permanent display.  You may contact the museum by clicking here.

If you would like to contribute a monetary donation, click here The Pelham Historical Society is an independent nonprofit organization. It is not a state-funded agency. All of The Society's programs and services are made possible by membership dues and contributions from people like you.   All donations are used to support the Society's Genealogy Library, educational programs and the Historical Society Museum on Main Street. 

All users of this library do so subject to the terms and condition which may be found by clicking here: Terms and Conditions