The Pelham Historical Society does not maintain regular building access hours. Most all volunteer New Hampshire Historical Societies maintain no hours at all or very limited hours. The Pelham Historical Society has adopted what has become to be known as the “Pelham Model” by historians and genealogists.

Pelham and most other historical societies recognize that at least 80% of all historical society building visits are made by individuals seeking historical or genealogical research materials. The Pelham Historical Society webpage links historians and genealogists to the largest most comprehensive on line collection of historical and genealogical research materials in the entire State of New Hampshire through its close association with the on line award winning Hayes-Genoter History and Genealogy Library

No other history and genealogy specific library in the entire State of New Hampshire contains as much on line information as the Hayes-Genoter Library.

The online library is supplemented with direct e-mail access to a published historian with a degree in American History from Dartmouth College. 

Persons interested in the building, rather than research material, can click here to send us a request for a tour.

The Society welcomes visitors and is particularly interested in providing tours to school and other youth groups.

The Society believes that the “Pelham Model” is far more patron responsive than the typical fixed few hours a month model adopted by most other all volunteer historical societies.


Much of the information found in the Historical Town Sites section of this website was taken from the Reflections, A Pictorial History Of Pelham, New Hampshire 1746 - 1996, Published by The Pelham 250th Anniversary Committee, copyright 1998 and the Pelham 250th Anniversary Souvenir/Program Book, Published by The Pelham 250th Anniversary Committee, copyright 1996.  There are still copies of these books available at our On-Line Bookstore, as well as other historical books and records.

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