CHARLES GILBERT, fractured scapula.
MRS. CHARLES GILBERT, leg crushed.
JAMES CUMMINGS, slight cuts and bruises.
MRS. JAMES CUMMINGS and child, slight cuts and bruises.
DENNIS NEVILLE, slight bruises.
MRS. DENNIS NEVILLE, slight bruises.
DR. L. P. CAISSAC, face cut and generally bruised.
GEORGE BIGUE, slight bruises.
CLARA PALARDY, severe bruises of both legs.
MARIA TERESA PALARDY, severe bruises of both legs.
ROSE PALARDY, fracture of thigh.
MARY BARRON, bruises and shaking up.
GEORGE BOWLER, slight bruises.
E. H. TYRELL, fractured clavicle.
MICHAEL GLYNN, severe scalp wound; back injured.
MARGARET GLYNN, bruises of left arm and leg.
LAVINIA LAVOLE, bruises of head, arm and back.
CORA LAVOLE, general bruises.
JOHN McCOY, slight bruises.
EDWARD McCOY, back sprained;; small scalp wound.
C. C. SWAIN, slight bruises.
ANNIE RYBERSHACK, three ribs fractured; general shock.
SHERMAN T. SMALLEY, bad laceration of knee, hernia.
MRS. HATTIE A. SMALLEY, general shock.
G. W. SMALLEY, slight bruises.
ANNIE SMALLEY, general bruises.
PAUL THIBEAULT, sprain of shoulder and ankle.
G. B. HOOD, slight bruises.
NELLIE RILEY, general shock.
JOB MASON, slight bruises.
PERLEY HILL, severe bruises.
HAROLD HILL, general bruises and head cut.
MRS. LIZZIE SULLIVAN, general bruises.
DANIEL SULLIVAN, general bruises.
DENNIS J. SULLIVAN, general bruises.